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CDC - Malaria

CDC - Malaria

Genomics & Health Impact Update

Malaria: Recent Genomic Insights

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Malaria diagnostics and surveillance in the post-genomic era: A reviewExternal Web Site Icon

Lucchi N, Oberstaller L, Kissinger J, et al. Public Health Genomics, 2013;16:37-43
Did you know? 230 genes have been reported in relation to risk or outcomes of malaria, including 8 genomewide association studies. Find out more using the HuGE NavigatorExternal Web Site Icon
A genomic revolution in malaria research,External Web Site Icon by Olivo Miotto, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute blog post, Jan 10, 2014
Resistance gene identified in malaria parasite,External Web Site Icon by Ewen Callaway, Nature News, Dec 18, 2013
Genomics reveals mechanism for malaria drug resistanceExternal Web Site Icon, Drug Discovery & Development, Jul 25, 2014
Single-cell genomics for dissection of complex malaria infections.External Web Site Icon

Shalini Nair et al. Genome Research, May 2014

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