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Genomics & Health Impact Update

Reviews, News & Commentaries

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Harmful mutations can fly under the radar.External Web Site Icon 
Kelly Servick. Science, September 19, 2014
I wake up screening.External Web Site Icon 
Tony Delamothe  BMJ 2014; 349
Sequencing pools of individuals — mining genome-wide polymorphism data without big fundingExternal Web Site Icon
Christian Schlötterer et al. Nature Rev Genetics, September 14, 2014
The epigenetic basis of common human disease.External Web Site Icon NIH Videocast, by Andy Feinberg, June 2014
EmTech: Illumina says 228,000 human genomes will be sequenced this year,External Web Site Icon by Antonio Regalado, MIT Technology Review, Sep 24
Celebrity impact on UK familial breast cancer referrals,External Web Site Icon by Philippa Brice, PHG Foundation, Sep 23
Finding risks, not answers, in gene tests,External Web Site Icon by Denise Grady and Andrew Pollack, New York Times, Sep 22
Nature vs nurture, and human behavior: where’s the science?External Web Site Icon By Ken Weiss, Mermaid Tale Blog, Sept 22 
Genetic testing for all: Is it eugenics?External Web Site Icon By Ricki Lewis, PLoS Blogs, Sep 18
Study shows how epigenetic memory is passed across generationsExternal Web Site Icon
Researchers traced markers of gene repression through cell division and showed that both sperm and eggs transmit a memory of gene repression to embryos. By Tim Stephens, USC Santa Cruz, Sep 18

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