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CDC - Pre-teens and Teens - Vaccines

CDC - Pre-teens and Teens - Vaccines

Preteens and Teens Still Need Vaccines

As kids get older, protection from some childhood vaccines begins to wear off. Plus, older kids can also develop risks for other diseases. Health check-ups and sports or camp physicals can be a good opportunity for your preteens and teens to get the recommended vaccines.

HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention

HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention This 30-second animated video about HPV-related cancers has a positive reminder that with vaccination you can close the door to HPV cancer.
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Traveling Internationally?

Teen on a plane.
Whether traveling to go on adventure, vacation, school trip, or on a study abroad program, don’t risk this valuable and exciting time by getting sick. Some countries have outbreaks of disease, and some diseases are easy to pick up on the airplane. So, use CDC Travelers’ Health web site to find out if your destination recommends or requires certain vaccines before you leave...more

Facts about HPV Vaccine

Preteen boy and girl.Straightforward answers to questions about HPV vaccine...more

Vaccines Quiz

Antibiotics quiz.Take this quiz to find out which vaccines are needed for those age 11 years and older...more

Adolescent Scheduler

Adolescent scheduler. Download this tool to your PC and learn what recommended vaccines your preteen or teen needs....more

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