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Reviews and Commentaries on Science & Technology

Genomic testing reaches into the wombExternal Web Site Icon
Malorye Allison Nature Biotechnology 31,595–601(2013) Jul 9

New tools automatically match patients with clinical trialsExternal Web Site Icon
Alisa Opar Nature Medicine 19,793 2013 Jul 8
Pleiotropy, genomic background, and complexity,External Web Site Icon The Mermaids Tale, Jul 11
Editorial: The gap in medical testing,External Web Site Icon The New York Times, Jul 7
Big data is good for your health,External Web Site Icon by Sharon Terry, Genetic Alliance, Jul 1
TCGA data consumption by the scientific community,External Web Site Icon National Cancer Institute, The Cancer Genome Atlas, Jun 28
Variation and genetic control of protein abundance in humansExternal Web Site Icon
Linfeng Wu et al. Nature, July 3
Perspective- Toward patient-centered drug development in oncologyExternal Web Site Icon
Ethan Basch New Engl J Med July 3, 2013
Gene sleuths find how some naturally resist cholera,External Web Site Icon Nicholas Wade, New York Times, Jul 3
Complex traits sequencing for disease architecture.External Web Site Icon
Mary Muers Nature Reviews Genetics, July 2
Will Genomics England deliver a genomics revolution for health?External Web Site Icon By Dr Philippa Brice, Jul 5
UK government to announce launch of Genomics England,External Web Site Icon by Dr Philippa Brice, Jul 5
The significance of (looking for) genes for educational achievement,External Web Site Icon Mermaid’s Tale Blog Post, Jul 8
Gut microbes for life: Most strains of gut microbes stay with us for decades, which may prove useful for tracking our health,External Web Site Icon by Ed Yong, The Scientist, Jul 4

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