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CDC - Manual for Surveillance of VPD - Vaccines

CDC - Manual for Surveillance of VPD - Vaccines

CDC's Measles Surveillance Manual Chapter

CDC's Manual for Surveillance of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases. As stated on the web page, as 6th edition chapters and appendices become available, you will be notified. To download this information, use this link to access the Surveillance manual web page.
2013, 6th edition chapter just posted:
  • Chapter 7 - Measles

Manual for the Surveillance of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

5th Edition, 2012

Surveillance Manual.
The Manual for the Surveillance of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases provides current guidelines for those directly involved in surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases, especially personnel at the local health departments. For each of the vaccine-preventable diseases, this manual includes a chapter describing the importance of rapid case identification; the importance of surveillance; disease reduction goals; case definitions (including clinical description and case classifications); epidemiologically important data to be collected during case investigation; activities for enhancing surveillance; activities for case investigation; and activities for outbreak control. Other chapters include information on surveillance indicators; surveillance data analyses; reporting adverse events following vaccination; and enhancing surveillance. In addition, the manual includes a section reserved for insertion of state-specific guidance for VPD surveillance and extensive appendices.

List of Front Matter

  • Front portion of manual (Aug 2012)
    Cover, spine, title pages (titles and acknowledgements), acronyms, definition of terms, table of contents, introduction, etc.

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