lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Nature Genetics - iCOGS

Nature Genetics - iCOGS


iCOGS collection provides a collaborative model

Nature Genetics is pleased to present the iCOGS Focus comprising a collection of 13 papers from COGS, representing a significant advance in our understanding of genetic susceptibility to three hormone-related cancers: breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. We hope that you will find this Focus issue, as well as the accompanying Focus online, a useful guide to this milestone in genetic epidemiology.

Research Highlights


Research articles


These Primers, or hypertext essays, provide a guided tour through the entire collection of 13 coordinated COGS publications. This new publishing format interlaces editorial analysis with threads, which include a series of direct quotations from relevant sections of the original research publications or editorially written highlights.

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