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CDC - Epi Info™ - Version 7 Download

CDC - Epi Info™ - Version 7 Download

Did You Know?
February 1, 2013
  • Epi Info™ is a free tool used worldwide by public health professionals to collect, visualize, analyze, and present public health data.
  • More than 181 countries use Epi Info, covering all continents including Antarctica; it has also been translated into more than 13 languages.
  • Training resources for Epi Info include tutorials, a user guide, videos, and instructions on how to create the new Epi Info Web Survey.
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Please share this e-mail with others interested in improving public health practice through evidence-based strategies. Past "Did You Know?" information is available online.
How to Create a Web Survey Using Epi Info 7 - YouTube
Epi Info - YouTube
CDC - Epi Info™ - Training Resources

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