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Health Tip: Could You Have Sleep Apnea?: MedlinePlus

Health Tip: Could You Have Sleep Apnea?: MedlinePlus

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Health Tip: Could You Have Sleep Apnea?

Watch for these warning signs of a poor night's sleep
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By Diana Kohnle
Monday, February 25, 2013 HealthDay Logo
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(HealthDay News) -- Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing during sleep is interrupted, and it can occur hundreds of times every night.
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute lists these warning signs of sleep apnea:
  • Chronic and loud snoring that may be interrupted by a pause, followed by a gasping or choking sound.
  • Feeling very sleepy during the day, or even falling asleep while working or driving.
  • Having headaches, a sore throat or dry mouth in the morning.
  • Struggling with learning, concentration or memory.
  • Noticing changes in mood or feeling depressed or irritable.
  • Waking up often during the night to urinate.

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