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Announcements: Global Handwashing Day — October 15, 2012

Announcements: Global Handwashing Day — October 15, 2012

Announcements: Global Handwashing Day — October 15, 2012


October 12, 2012 / 61(40);821

The fifth annual Global Handwashing Day will be observed on October 15, 2012. This observance increases awareness and understanding of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable method of preventing disease around the world.
Handwashing with soap has an important role to play in child survival and health. About 2.2 million children aged <5 children="children" diarrheal="diarrheal" die="die" diseases="diseases" each="each" from="from" i="i" killers="killers" of="of" or="or" pneumonia="pneumonia" the="the" top="top" two="two" worldwide="worldwide" year="year" years="years" young="young">1
). Handwashing is not only simple and inexpensive, but handwashing with soap can reduce the incidence of diarrhea by 30% (2) and respiratory infections by 21% (3) among children aged <5 p="p" years.="years."> Although persons around the world clean their hands with water, very few use soap to wash their hands. Washing hands with soap removes bacteria much more effectively (4).
Additional information on Global Handwashing Day is available from CDC at General handwashing information is available at Information on water-related hygiene is available at


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