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The Dialogue: Benign Neglect Imperils Children After a Disaster

Judy Bezon describes the necessity for more attention to be provided to the needs of children following a disaster. The author discusses ways to address the gaps in preparedness, response, and recovery programs that put children at risk.
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Disaster Planning for People Experiencing Homelessness
By Sabrina Edgington, M.S.S.W.

People who are experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable during disasters, yet they receive fewer supports and recovery resources than their housed counterparts. In this article, Sabrina Edgington describes practical steps that community-based organizations can take to improve emergency preparedness, response, and recovery for people experiencing homelessness.

The Benefits of Collocating Companion Animals During Disasters
By Diane Robinson

Diane Robinson addresses the benefits of co-located emergency animal sheltering for children, animals, and adults affected by disaster. The author explores the human-animal bond and why co-location sheltering is the best option for maintaining that bond and helping the victims of disaster with the emotional responses to the stress of the disaster.

Recommended Resource: Ready to Remember: Jeremy's Journey of Hope and Healing
This illustrated children's book, developed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, explores the events experienced by a child who is having difficulty coping with loss. This book provides a caregiver guide, which discusses signs and symptoms of childhood traumatic grief and provides recommendations on ways to help children develop healthy coping skills.

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