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New Porcine Calicivirus in Swine, USA | CDC EID

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Volume 17, Number 6–June 2011
Characterization and Prevalence of a New Porcine Calicivirus in Swine, United States
Qiuhong Wang, Kelly Scheuer, Zhenwen Zhang, Wondwossen A. Gebreyes, Bayleyegn Z. Molla, Armando E. Hoet, and Linda J. Saif
Author affiliations: The Ohio State University, Wooster, Ohio, USA (Q. Wang, K. Scheuer, Z. Zhang, L.J. Saif); and The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA (W.A. Gebreyes, B.Z. Molla, A.E. Hoet)

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Real-time reverse transcription PCR revealed that new St-Valerien–like porcine caliciviruses are prevalent (2.6%–80%; 23.8% overall) in finisher pigs in North Carolina. One strain, NC-WGP93C, shares 89.3%–89.7% genomic nucleotide identity with Canadian strains. Whether these viruses cause disease in pigs or humans or are of food safety concern requires further investigation.

Viruses in the family Caliciviridae are nonenveloped, polyadenylated, single-stranded, positive-sense RNA viruses (1). They have been classified into 5 genera (Norovirus, Sapovirus, Vesivirus, Lagovirus, and Nebovirus) since 2009 (www.ictvonline.org). Later, the nonhuman primate Tulane virus (2) and the porcine St-Valerien–like viruses (3) were characterized as potential new genera in the Caliciviridae family.

New Porcine Calicivirus in Swine, USA | CDC EID

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Wang Q, Scheuer K, Zhang Z, Gebreyes WA, Molla BZ, Hoet AE, et al. Characterization and prevalence of a new porcine calicivirus in swine, United States. Emerg Infect Dis [serial on the Internet]. 2011 Jun [date cited].

DOI: 10.3201/eid1706.101756

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