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Get the facts: Epilepsy in older adults & the importance of self-management

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Self-management is what you do to take care of yourself. For people with epilepsy, part of that is being able to recognize the signs of seizures.  Learn why this may be a challenge for older people in CDC’s new feature on older adults and epilepsy. Also, find out more about self-management programs if you, a loved one, or a patient has epilepsy.

Epilepsy and Seizures in Older Adults

Did you know that epilepsy is more likely to develop in older adults? It may be hard to tell if an older adult has epilepsy, because some signs may be mistaken for “getting older.”
In honor of Older Americans Month in May, the Epilepsy Program created this feature to help you recognize and respond to signs of seizures in older adults.

Older Caucasian Man Playing with Dog Outside

Older Adults Stretching Outside

Self-Management Programs Help People with Epilepsy

Self-management programs can help people with epilepsy manage their condition and live healthier lives. Learn the important elements of self-management and about Managing Epilepsy Well Network programs that can help people with epilepsy.

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