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World Allergy Organization Journal | Home page

World Allergy Organization Journal | Home page

World Allergy Organization Journal


Latest collection: Update on gender aspects in allergology

In this article collection, readers will find an update on selected topics aiming to provide an overview of the latest research regarding gender aspects in allergy.
Regions in focus

World Allergy Organization Journal: Regions in focus

As a worldwide platform, WAO Journal offers a special opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas among different regions of the world, providing a truly global outlook on allergy, asthma and clinical immunology. We are very pleased to be able to highlight some of the recent articles being produced by authors all around the world in our Regions in Focus.
Debates in allergy

Featured collection: Debates in allergy medicine

In this series we introduce each topic as a dialogue between two different views based on the scientific method. The dialectical method has served scholars for more than 2500 years, and this series takes up the tradition of comparing the different views presented and perhaps even encouraging a change of course, as can often happen in allergy.


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