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CDC Announces U.S. World TB Day 2018 Theme

World TB Day March 24
Dear Colleagues,
Each year we recognize World TB Day on March 24 with a variety of activities leading up to the official day.  This annual event commemorates the date Dr. Robert Koch announced his discovery of the bacillus that causes tuberculosis (TB).  
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Tuberculosis Elimination (CDC/DTBE) joins our international partners by adapting the global Stop TB Partnership’s 2018 World TB Day theme: Wanted: Leaders for a TB-Free United States.  We can make history.  End TB.  
As we approach World TB Day, we will be adding additional resources and materials to the DTBE World TB Day Website 
Be sure to check back for more information as we get closer to World TB Day.  You can also follow us on Twitter @CDC_TB and Facebook @CDCTB 
Thank you,
Division of Tuberculosis Elimination
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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