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Women's Health — Pregnancy and Medicines | Breast Cancer Awareness

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Pregnancy and Medication Use
Are you pregnant and taking medicines? You are not alone. Many women need to take medicines when they are pregnant. There are about six million pregnancies in the U.S. each year, and 50% of pregnant women say that they take at least one medicine. Some women take medicines for health problems, like diabetes, morning sickness or high blood pressure that can start or get worse when a woman is pregnant. Others take medicines before they realize they are pregnant.
Talk to your doctor, and learn more by participating in an online Twitter chat next Thursday, October 27, from 2 to 3 PM ET using #FDApregnancychat. The Food and Drug Administration's Office on Women's Health will be hosting a discussion with other partners to spread the word on safe medication use and answer questions from the public.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The campaign is calling on women to be proactive in learning more about this type of cancer. In particular, how routine breast cancer screeningg tests and an annual mammogram—a breast x-ray—may help you.  Early detection is key to treating and surviving breast cancer. Want to learn more? Check out the many health resources to help you understand this disease and how you can lower your risk.
Sepsis Warning Signs
Sepsis in most cases is a medical complication due to certain infections and can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death. It is hard to diagnose in its early stages because the symptoms can be signs of something else. It is one of the reasons why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is raising awareness about this medical emergency.Learn the symptoms of sepsis, because time matters in getting treatment.
Find more health resources and information on USA.gov.

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