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Win the fight against osteoporosis

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The best ways to strengthen your bones and slash your risk of fractures and more!

Win the fight against osteoporosis, reduce your risk of falling, and stay active
As long as you’re able to do the activities you want, you probably don’t give your bones a second thought. But did you know that after age 30 you start losing bone density? In fact, women will lose up to 20 percent of bone mineral density in the five to seven years after menopause. And by age 65 men and women lose bone density at the same rate. Sadly, loss of bone mass often ends up causing life-changing fractures. The good news is you don’t have to wait for a fall or break to fight the disease.

Make a move toward better bones today!
Harvard Health Publications
Now a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School brings you the best ways to build strong bones and prevent severe bone loss. You’ll learn:
  • Why too little body fat may make you more likely to get osteoporosis
  • Why moving more could decrease your risk of a debilitating spine or hip fracture by as much as 50%
  • 18 common medications that lead to bone loss
  • Why your body needs to pull more and more calcium from bones as you age
  • 2 ways exercise protects your bones and fights osteoporosis
  • The vitamin that blocks substances that break down your bone
  • And more.

Learn dietary, supplement, and lifestyle changes that will help protect your bones.
Click here now to discover the best ways to keep your bones strong for life...
  • The “hormone” vitamin that helps you absorb more calcium from the foods you eat
  • 8 veggies that are high in calcium
  • The type of calcium supplement that’s best if you’re taking heartburn medications
  • Why you may not be getting enough calcium even if you’re taking a supplement with 100% of the RDA or more!
  • How too much protein can cause calcium to leave your bones
Plus, you’ll get a Special Bonus Section — Strength training and balance exercises for bone health — at no extra cost!
Included in this report are 14 exercises that help stimulate extra deposits of calcium and push bone-building cells into action. Each exercise is accompanied by a photo and written explanation to make sure you’re doing the move correctly.
Click here and try one of the moves for free!
Harvard Health Publications
Harvard Medical School offers special reports on over 50 health topics.
Visit our website at to find reports of interest to you and your family.

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