martes, 25 de octubre de 2016

National Library of Medicine NLM in Focus Blog Update

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10/21/2016 11:00 AM EDT

When NLM Director Patricia Flatley Brennan, PhD, called on NLM staff to unleash their creativity and provide art that captured the “Beauty of Science,” they answered with 23 submissions. Entries included 3D imaging of T-cells, a scarf woven with a double helix, scientific photographs, blown glass, a hand-carved wooden stamp of the Library’s front facade,…
10/18/2016 01:30 PM EDT

A disease once spoken about in hushed tones and whispers—library voices, if you will—in the early 1980s became the centerpiece of a groundbreaking outreach effort at the National Library of Medicine in 1994. As the Library announces this year’s funded projects, we look at how NLM’s AIDS Community Information Outreach Program (ACIOP) has improved information…

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