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An adult approach to strength and power training

Harvard Health Publications

Harvard Health Publications

Build stronger muscles and protect your bones with workouts that fit your schedule and deliver results!

You count on your muscles for every move you make — from standing up or bending down to climbing stairs or carrying groceries. Weakened muscles compromise your ability to do those things.
Strong muscles provide the command and confidence to do not just everyday tasks, but all the activities you love to do.That’s what makes strength training so important and why it should be part of your exercise routine. Just as the cardiovascular benefits of aerobic exercise can add years to your life, strength training can make those years fuller and more rewarding, keeping you fit, active, and self-reliant.
This report will show you how to start an effective strength and power training program, one that produces results you will see and feel in no time at all. After just a few weeks:
  • you will be leaner
  • you’ll add tone to your body
  • your muscles and bones will be stronger.
Strength and Power Training explains what makes resistance training (sometimes called weight training) such a valuable tool for regaining and maintaining muscle power and improving mobility, agility, and the ability to do all you need — and want — to do.
The report will introduce you to workouts you can work into your schedule. It offers intelligent direction for choosing exercises that match your fitness level and goals. You’ll find answers to key questions, from how often you should work out to how much weight or resistance should you use.
Strength and Power Training’s workouts prove you can have gain without pain. Workout One aims to help you build strength for daily tasks and recreation. Workout Two extends your success with exercises that bring variety and challenge. Plus, you’ll get added exercises for stretching, balancing, and switching up your routine — more than 40 instructively illustrated exercises in all.
The report gives you money-saving guidance on buying equipment or selecting a health club. You’ll learn why you should rest no more than a minute between sets, but at least 48 hours between workouts. You’ll get tips for avoiding injury, for charting progress, for keeping sessions fun, and much more.
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So, get moving! Order your copy of this important Special Health Report today!
To your good health,
Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

Strength and Power Training
Each Strength and Power Training Special Health Report includes:
Facts about your muscles and how they work
Advice on how to exercise safely and correctly
What to ask your doctor before you get started
Two complete workouts with 19 illustrated exercises
10 stretching exercises
12 tips for staying motivated
And so much more!
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