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Lifts, Tucks Often Follow Weight-Loss Surgery, Study Finds: MedlinePlus

Lifts, Tucks Often Follow Weight-Loss Surgery, Study Finds: MedlinePlus

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Lifts, Tucks Often Follow Weight-Loss Surgery, Study Finds

Increases reported for both types of procedures
By Robert Preidt
Monday, June 1, 2015
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MONDAY, June 1, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- The rapidly rising number of weight-loss surgeries in the United States may be leading to greater demand for cosmetic surgery, a new report suggests.
In 2014, cosmetic procedures associated with major weight loss -- such as tummy tucks and thigh, breast and upper arm lifts -- increased the most in four years, echoing a similar rise in weight-loss surgeries, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
"We think there is a correlation between the two types of procedures, and we expect that trend to continue," Dr. Scot Glasberg, society president, said in a news release from the group.
The report said that 179,000 Americans had weight-loss surgery in 2013, an average of nearly 500 procedures a day. That's the most since 2009 and the third most on record.
Thigh lifts and upper arm lifts both rose 9 percent in 2014, the largest single-year increase in five years, the study findings showed. In addition, there was a 4 percent rise in tummy tucks, and a 10 percent increase in breast lifts, the largest single-year rise since 2009, according to the news release.
"Post-massive weight-loss patients are the number one growth area I have seen in my practice, and I'm sure that's the case in many doctors' offices across the country," said Glasberg, who practices in New York City.
SOURCE: American Society of Plastic Surgeons, news release, June 1, 2015
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