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CDC’s #VaxWithMe Selfie Social Media Campaign: The Viral Spread of Flu (Messages) | Seasonal Influenza (Flu) | CDC

CDC’s #VaxWithMe Selfie Social Media Campaign: The Viral Spread of Flu (Messages) | Seasonal Influenza (Flu) | CDC

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CDC’s #VaxWithMe Selfie Social Media Campaign: The Viral Spread of Flu (Messages)

The #VaxWithMe campaign seeks to drive visibility of flu vaccination, spark engagement around the importance of vaccination, and ultimately, generate a movement that encourages more people to get their flu vaccination every year. Between September 2014 and April 2015, 552 participants used the #vaxwithme hashtag 827 times, generating 18.4 million impressions.1 The campaign was awarded Honorable Mention by the 2015 Hermes Creative Awards in the Digital Marketing Campaign category.2
The #VaxWithMe Selfie campaign encourages individuals to share photos and videos of themselves (tagged #VaxWithMe) during or after getting their flu vaccination. The operative word for the #VaxWithMe campaign is “With,” suggesting that it’s about joining forces to fight the flu by getting vaccinated themselves and encouraging others to do the same; not just telling someone to get vaccinated.
CDC put messaging in the hands of partners that support flu vaccination on the national stage and in local communities. Among the participants were 22 campaign partners, including the National Football League (NFL), who delivered creative assets from two Denver Broncos players, and the NFL Retired Players Association, who provided support via five Hall of Fame players’ photos and videos. Some partners, such as March of Dimes, Nurses Who Vaccinate, The Kid’s Doctor, and Voices for Vaccines, joined the campaign by posting photos of their own staff members during or after getting their flu vaccination. Other partners, including (but not limited to) American Diabetes Association, Healtheo360, LeadingAge, Long-Term Living, and Men’s Health Network promoted the campaign by sharing important flu prevention messages tagged #VaxWithMe on their social media platforms.
Check back for a compilation of all partner #VaxWithMe posts coming soon on CDC’s Flu Partner webpage!
Do you have questions about the #VaxWithMe campaign and how to get involved in the 2015-2016 season? If so, please contact Julie Yegen atjulieyegen@westat.com.
1 According to Radian6 data capturing #VaxWithMe mentions online from September 18, 2014 – April 17, 2015.
2 The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative concepts, writing and designs organized by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. There were approximately 6,000 entries from throughout the United States and 22 other countries in the Hermes Creative Awards 2015 competition. About 15 percent of the entries received platinum, 22 percent received gold, and 11 percent received honorable mention.
NFL Denver Broncos tweet, Don't let the flu sideline you. This NIVW 2014 join Julius Thomas and get your flu vaccine.NFL Retired Players association tweet, Defend against flu with NFLRPA member and Steelers defensive coordinator and get a flu vaccine.March of Dimes tweet, photo of woman showing arm just vaccinated. Did you get a flu shot yet? #vaxwithme #marchofdimes national office.

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