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Vote for “Suicide Prevention: What’s Your Role?” for an HHS Innovates “People’s Choice” Award

Vote for “Suicide Prevention: What’s Your Role?” for an HHS Innovates “People’s Choice” Award

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“Suicide Prevention: What’s Your Role?” is among 6 finalists 
for the HHS Innovates “People’s Choice” award. The Office on 
Women’s Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human 
Services (HHS) played a key role in this national suicide 
prevention effort. We need your help to become the next 
People’s Choice award winner!

Public voting is open until June 13.

Please cast your vote at

What is innovative about this suicide prevention effort?

HHS transformed webinars from passive presentations to 
interactive, engaging, impactful opportunities for communities 
to reduce suicide. Using “echo sites” (community-organized gatherings), 
HHS created a live, interactive webcast featuring national experts, 
best practices as outlined by the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention
and individuals discussing their lived experiences. Following the 
webcast, host organizations led discussions and engaged 
participants to develop action plans specific to their communities.

Why should suicide prevention be a public health priority?

About 100 Americans die by suicide each day, more than double 
the average number of homicides, and 8 million adults in the United 
States have had serious thoughts of suicide within the past 12 months.

Fortunately, suicide is preventable. There is strong evidence that a 
comprehensive public health approach is effective in reducing 
suicide rates.

Help HHS increase the visibility of suicide prevention 
and vote for “Suicide Prevention: What’s Your Role?”

Thank you for your support!

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