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NCTR Publications > NCTR Research Highlights

NCTR Publications > NCTR Research Highlights

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NCTR Research Highlights

Current Highlight from June 20, 2014

National Toxicology Program Science Board
The National Toxicology Program Board of Scientific Counselors (NTP/BSC) met on the NIEHS Campus in North Carolina on June 17-18, 2014.  Several topics of regulatory interest to FDA were discussed at this public meeting:
  • toxicology study proposals on bisphenol S (BPS), which is currently used in production of many plastics in FDA-regulated products
  • triclocarban, which is included as an antibacterial compound in many soaps and other topical products
  • progress in the TOX21 high-throughput screening program
  • an EPA-NTP proposal to improve characterization of exposure of women to personal care products and home exposures
The NTP/BSC is charged with advising the NIEHS and NTP Director on the scientific merit of the toxicology programs at NTP.  The FDA was represented by Paul C. Howard, Ph.D.


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