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CDC - Malaria - People With Malaria Speak

CDC - Malaria - People With Malaria Speak

People with Malaria Speak

More Than Just "Jet Lag"

Kelly Granger in Ghana with her djembe, a traditional Ghanian drum made from carved wood and goatskin.
Kelly Granger felt tired after returning from her six-week study abroad trip to Ghana. Her fatigue quickly deteriorated into something much worse...

A Family's Ordeal

Malaria sent brothers Ridhwan and Mohammad Adisa to the hospital, after they returned from visiting friends and relatives in their parents' native country of Nigeria...
Malaria sent Ridhwan and Mohammad Adisa to the hospital.

The Risks of Unproven "Antimalarials"

Tom Miller and friends in Emali, Nigeria, December 2004.
Tom Miller thought a homeopathic medicine would protect him from malaria when he traveled to Nigeria, but it did not...

A Humanitarian Mission

Stuart Ver Wys survived severe malaria after he contracted malaria during a mission trip to Haiti. He had not taken any drugs to prevent malaria...
Stuart Ver Wys convalescing. In the background is the Spirit of Grace, the ship that took him to Haiti.

A Visit Home

Street scene in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone
Mariama Jones was 19 weeks pregnant when a family crisis required that she travel to her native Sierra Leone. Within a week of her return from Africa, she developed a fever and chills and could not go to work...
More on: A Visit Home

Malaria Visits a Child in Africa

Ramadhani Shida Mashaka was only 8 months old when he got seriously ill, but it did not seem to be very bad at first...
A picture of the child in this story (Courtesy: The Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre and the Rufiji District Council Health Management Team, Tanzania)

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