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CDC - Providing Quality Family Planning Services - Reproductive Health

CDC - Providing Quality Family Planning Services - Reproductive Health

Providing Quality Family Planning Services

Recommendations of the CDC and the U.S. Office of Population Affairs

Providing Quality Family Planning Services (QFP) recommends how to provide family planning services so that individuals can achieve their desired number and spacing of children, increase the chances that a baby will be born healthy, and improve their health even if they choose to not have children. The recommendations describe
  • What services should be offered in a family planning visit—i.e., contraceptive services, pregnancy testing and counseling, helping clients achieve pregnancy, basic infertility services, preconception health services, and STD services. 
  • How these services should be provided by drawing upon existing recommendations and filling gaps where needed.
  • Services for female and male clients and special populations, such as adolescents, and provide detailed guidance on contraceptive services.
  • Using the family planning visit to provide selected preventive health services, such as breast and cervical cancer screening.
Learn more about tools to help providers obtain the resources and support needed to implement the recommendations. For more information, visit Family Planning National Training CentersExternal Web Site Icon
QFP was developed collaboratively by CDC and the Office of Population AffairsExternal Web Site Icon of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The recommendations are based on a review of existing clinical guidelines published by federal agencies, such as CDC and U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)External Web Site Icon, and professional medical associations.

The Quality Family Planning (QFP) Recommendations Integrate and Fill Gaps in Other Guidelines for the Family Planning Setting

The graphics is The Quality Family Planning Guidelines (QFP) integrate and fill gaps in other guidelines for the family planning setting. The figure is intended to represent that idea, and shows a circle that is created by joining five puzzle pieces. A piece in the center is entitled QFP fills gaps in existing guidelines. The other four puzzle pieces encircle the center piece. One of the four is titled contraception guidelines. The second is titled achieving pregnancy guidelines. The third is titled Preconception guidelines. The fourth is titled STD and HIV guidelines.

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