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The Pregnancy & Health Profile: A Risk Assessment & Screening Tool

The Pregnancy & Health Profile: A Risk Assessment & Screening Tool

The Pregnancy & Health Profile: A Risk Assessment & Screening Tool

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Welcome to the Pregnancy & Health Profile!

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This new, easy-to-use, tablet-based tool helps prenatal providers and patients identify and discuss risk based on family history and make shared, informed decisions about prenatal testing and screening options.

The tool has been tested in diverse clinical settings with more than 75 providers and over 600 satisfied patients.
The Pregnancy & Health Profile was designed to replace all the paper forms that a woman must normally fill out at her prenatal provider’s office, streamlining the patient intake process while providing patient education and clinical decision support.

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Purpose of the Pregnancy & Health Profile

  • Improve identification of women and babies at increased risk for genetic disease and pregnancy complications.  See the list of conditions>> 

  • Provide “just in time” recommendations and support for discussing risk factors, making referrals, ordering tests, and managing genetic and other risk factors

  • Improve patient outcomes

  • Provide more accurate risk information for patients

  • Empower and educate patients

  • Save time for the clinician

  • Streamline the intake process in the clinic

  • Support standard of care and adherence to professional society guidelines around genetics

  • Learn more about the clinical impact of using the Pregnancy & Health Profile in practice>>

How It Works


Figure:  Clinical flow of the Pregnancy and Health Profile. Images attributed as follows:  Doctor designed by Andrew McKinley, from The Noun Project; Printer designed by James Fenton from The Noun Project.  

  • Patients use a tablet-PC to fill out the Pregnancy and Family History Questionnaire, a comprehensive, patient-friendly questionnaire that collects intake information.  

  • A woman enters personal and family history information for herself and father of the baby, as well as demographics and lifestyle factors that impact prenatal health. 

  • Evidence-based algorithms then assess the patient’s risk and provide point-of-care guidance to the clinician. 

  • The Pregnancy Health Profile report is automatically generated, including a three-generation pedigree.

  • During the visit, providers can review, modify, and document new patient risk factors. 

For detailed information about components of the tool, including screen shots, sample patient and provider fact sheets, and a preview of the Pregnancy Health Profile provider report, see the menu bar on the right side of the screen.

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