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Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology


Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology

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If I'm healthy, why should I have my genome sequenced?External Web Site Icon Mermaid’s Tale blog post, Aug 6
Don’t call it “junk DNA” anymore,External Web Site Icon GenNewsHighlights, Aug 5
NIH ‘superbug’ was thwarted with help of two scientists (an epidemiologist and a genomicist),External Web Site Icon Washington Post, Jul 31
Close encounters of the microbial kind,External Web Site Icon by Kathie Y. Sun, NHGRI, Jul 31
NIH News: Gene combinations help predict treatment success for alcoholism medication,External Web Site Icon NIH, Aug 2
Novelty in the target landscape of the pharmaceutical industryExternal Web Site Icon
Pankaj Agarwal et al. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Vol: 12, Pag: 575–576 (2013)
Validating therapeutic targets through human geneticsExternal Web Site Icon
Robert M. Plenge et al. Nat Rev Drug Discovery, Jul 19
Barriers to the genomic revolution?External Web Site Icon By Dr Philippa Brice, PHG Foundation, Aug 1
Tumor-biomarker diagnostics- breaking a vicious cycleExternal Web Site Icon
Daniel F. Hayes et al. Sci Trans Med, Jul 31
A strong start for electronic health records in the United StatesExternal Web Site Icon, by Julia Adler-Milstein and Ashish K. Jha. Newsatjama,  Aug 2
Understanding the effects of genes on human traits,External Web Site Icon by  Mike Spear  Genomics Blog, Aug 1
Outsmart your genes: understanding BRCA1/2 risk,External Web Site Icon Dana Farber Slide Set, Jun 2013

Functional validation of genomic discoveries,External Web Site Icon Mass Genomics.
DNA methylation contributes to natural human variation.External Web Site Icon
Heyhn H et al. Genome Res. 2013 Aug 1.

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