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PHGR: Nanotechnology

PHGR: Nanotechnology

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The video and presentation slides including Beyond the Data from the August session of CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds, “Preventing Adverse Health Effects from Nanotechnology,” held on Tuesday, August 20 are now available within the

Nanotechnology is the science of developing materials at the atomic, molecular or micro-molecular level. From smartphones to skincare, there are currently over 1,000 commercial products containing nanomaterials, with applications as far ranging as the fields of medicine, engineering, electronics, and energy production.

This session of Public Health Grand Rounds focused on the current state of knowledge in nanotechnology and discussed concerns about the harmful impact that exposure to some nanomaterials may have on humans and the environment.

Also watch the new Beyond the Data video where Dr. John Iskander and Dr. Paul Schulte discuss the emergence of nanotechnology from science fiction to real life:

  • How small is small when talking about nanotechnology
  • Concerns for workers who handle nanomaterial
  • Prevention strategies for combating health concerns

Continuing Education
Continuing education for Grand Rounds is available and ALL Continuing Education for Grand Rounds are issued online through the CDC/ATSDR Training & Continuing Education Online system. If you have questions, email or call Learner Support at 1-800-418-7246 (1-800-41TRAIN).

Learn more about continuing education on the Grand Rounds website.

Future Grand Rounds Topics
September- Aging Safely and Independently
October- Advanced Molecular Detection
November- Antibiotic Use
December- Oral health/Fluoride

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