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Analysis of de novo mutations in schizophrenia unravels a role for cortical neurogenesis during development.

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Structure-Function Analysis of STING Activation by c[G(2',5')pA(3',5')p] and Targeting by Antiviral DMXAA
Gao, Patel, and colleagues

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PaperFlicks Coupling of Mitochondrial Import and Export Translocases by Receptor-Mediated Supercomplex Formation
Nikolaus Pfanner and colleagues explain the import and folding of β-barrel proteins in the mitochondrial outer membrane. Two translocases are found to facilitate import by forming a supercomplex that mediates the ordered assembly of β-barrel proteins.

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Genome Sequencing Reveals Loci under Artificial Selection that Underlie Disease Phenotypes in the Laboratory Rat
Timothy Aitman and colleagues present the complete sequence and evolutionary analysis of 27 laboratory rat strains.

In this interview, Dr. Aitman describes how their in-depth analysis of variants and disease loci explain why rats continue to be excellent models for comparative genomic studies for the study of human diseases such as hypertension and diabetes among others.

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Leading Edge Featured Article Defining Pluripotency
In this Essay, Ihor Lemischka and Ben MacArthur make a case for why single-cell-level analyses make it difficult to define the pluripotent state and how pluripotency itself is a statistical property of stem cell populations.
Statistical Mechanics of Pluripotency
Ihor Lemischka and Ben MacArthur

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Podcast From Shrinking Fat to Growing Muscles
July 2013
In this month's Cell Podcast, we learn:
»  How energy-burning brown fat could possibly be used to treat obesity, with Antonio Vidal-Puig (0:00) (Trends in Pharmacological Sciences)
»  How sleeping muscle stem cells might be awakened to fight aging, with Thomas Rando (9:42) (Cell Reports)
»  Plus, sample a selection of the hottest new papers from Cell Press (19:30)
Music for the podcast includes "TinyJazz" (axjack) / CC BY 3.0.
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10.1016/j.tcb.2013.06.002 Susan E. Swithers 10.1016/j.tem.2013.05.005
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UPR-inducible miRNAs contribute to stressful situations | Trends in Biochemical Sciences Nilesh Chitnis, Dariusz Pytel, and J. Alan Diehl

Immunosurveillance as a regulator of tissue homeostasis | Trends in Immunology Laura Senovilla, Lorenzo Galluzzi, Laurence Zitvogel, and Guido Kroemer

Neuronal plasticity and antidepressant actions | Trends in Neurosciences Eero Castren and Rene Hen

Ten misconceptions about antioxidants | Trends in Pharmacological Sciences Aalt Bast and Guido R.M.M. Haenen

Cell PaperClip from July 18th

Featured Article
Genome-wide Generation and Systematic Phenotyping of Knockout Mice Reveals New Roles for Many Genes
Karen Steel describes a new resource of more than 900 new mutant mice lines and a multifaceted phenotypic screening platform.

In this interview, Dr. Steel highlights the insights that the resource has brought in unanticipated pleiotropies, widespread effects of haploinsufficiency, possible new disease models, and potential functions for unstudied genes.

This PaperClip features the musical theme, "the phoenix - 1st sonata for helena in style of 303" (the phoenix) / CC BY 3.0.
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