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CDC - ACIP - Live Meeting Archive - June 2013 Meeting Videos - Vaccines

CDC - ACIP - Live Meeting Archive - June 2013 Meeting Videos - Vaccines

ACIP Live Meeting Archive - June 2013

June 19-20, 2013

Meeting Agenda June 19-20, 2013 Adobe PDF file [2 pages]

Videos: June 19, 2013 (Day 1)

  • Welcome & Introductions [40:10 minutes]
    • Opening Remarks
      Dr. J Temte
      Dr. L Pickering
  • Japanese Encephalitis [97:00 minutes]
    • Introduction
      Dr. J Bocchini
    • Safety and immunogenicity of JE-VC in children
      Dr. K Dubischar-Kastner
    • GRADE evidence for JE-VC in children, Recommendations for use
      Dr. M Fischer
  • General Recommendations on Immunization [33:38 minutes]
    • Overview
      Dr. J Duchin
    • Preventing and managing adverse reactions
      Dr. A Kroger
  • Pertussis Vaccines [140:44 minutes]
    • Introduction
      Dr. M Sawyer
    • Pertussis in the United States and Tdap vaccine effectiveness
      Dr. A Acosta
    • Tdap revaccination: safety and immunogenicity
      Dr. J Liang
    • Decision and cost effectiveness analysis: a second dose of Tdap
      Dr. M. Messonnier, Dr. H Kamiya
    • Work group conclusions on a second dose of Tdap
      Dr. J Liang
    • Maternal Tdap and cocooning: experiences from Australia and the United Kingdom
      Dr. P McIntyre, Dr. D Salisbury
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccines [85:12 minutes]
    • Introduction
      Dr. J Bocchini
    • Merck pregnancy registry for quadrivalent HPV vaccine
      Dr. F Lievano
    • Plans for updated ACIP statement
      Dr. E Dunne
    • HPV vaccine program and impact monitoring
      Dr. L Markowitz

Videos: June 20, 2013 (Day 2)

  • Rotavirus Vaccines: Update on Intussusception [142:24 minutes]
    • Introduction: intussusception following RV5 and RV1
      Dr. M Vázquez
    • VSD
      Mr. E Weintraub
    • VAERS
      Ms. P Haber
    • PRISM
      Dr. K Yih
    • Australian data
      Dr. P McIntyre
    • Summary and review of risk: benefit in the United States
      Dr. M Cortese
  • Role of Retail Pharmacies in Vaccine Delivery [59:22 minutes]
    • The role of retail pharmacies/pharmacists in vaccine delivery in the United States
      Mr. M Rothholz
  • Herpes Zoster Vaccine [03:29 minutes]
    • Update on Herpes Zoster Work Group activities
      Dr. J Duchin
  • Influenza [131:15 minutes]
    • Introduction
      Dr. W Keitel
    • Epidemiology/surveillance update
      Dr. L Finelli
    • H7N9 update
      Dr. D Jernigan
    • Preliminary data on 2012-2013 vaccine effectiveness
      Dr. M Thompson
    • Vaccine safety update
      Dr. T Shimabukuro
    • FluLaval Quadrivalent: GSK’s inactivated quadrivalent seasonal influenza vaccine manufactured in Quebec
      Dr. V Jain
    • 2013-2013 recommendations
      Dr. L Grohskopf

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