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CDC Food Safety Update: May-June

CDC & Food Safety


New publications and resources

May-June 2013

PulseNet lab network

New Website: PulseNet tracks foodborne outbreaks

Did you know that PulseNet is the first step in identifying foodborne outbreaks?

Since 1996, PulseNet has connected foodborne illness cases together, using DNA "fingerprinting" of the bacteria making people sick, in order to detect and define outbreaks.
CDC’s new PulseNet website features lots of great information about this important resource.

Frequently Asked Questions

A slideshow illustrating How PulseNet Works

Graphics on PulseNet’s role in outbreak detection

An infographic detailing the pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) process

Laboratory protocols for bacteria PulseNet tracks

Information about culture independent diagnostic testing

And much more!

Visit the new PulseNet website at:  

Want to contribute to the conversation about PulseNet? Consider tweeting about it! Remember to use the #PulseNet hashtag.
Sample tweets:
#PulseNet uses DNA fingerprints to track foodborne outbreaks. Learn more here:
#PulseNet has detected 1000s of foodborne outbreaks since it began, thanks to its member labs.  
#PulseNet is meeting the challenge of changing diagnostic technology. Find out how:

Select CDC food safety publications

This paper suggest that methods to incorporate data from multiple surveillance systems and over several years are needed to improve estimation of the number of illnesses attributable to exposure sources.
This report reviews the progress made in the past 10 years in understanding and controlling Campylobacteriosis and suggests how contributing organizations can take action to reduce Campylobacter in the food chain and the burden of foodborne Campylobacteriosis.


CDC tracked 3 multistate outbreaks of foodborne illness during May:

Woman holding bananas.

Web Resources

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