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Nose Injuries and Disorders: MedlinePlus [NEW TOPIC PAGE]

Nose Injuries and Disorders: MedlinePlus

05/06/2012 08:00 PM EDT

Source: American College of Radiology, Radiological Society of North America

Nose Injuries and Disorders

Also called: Nasal disorders 
Whether it's large or small, button-like or beak-like, your nose is important to your health. It filters the air you breathe, removing dust, germs and irritants. It warms and moistens the air to keep your lungs and tubes that lead to them from drying out. Your nose also contains the nerve cells that help your sense of smell. When there is a problem with your nose, your whole body can suffer. For example, the stuffy nose of the common cold can make it hard for you to breathe, sleep or get comfortable.
Many problems besides the common cold can affect the nose. They include
  • Deviated septum - a shifting of the wall that divides the nasal cavity into halves
  • Nasal polyps - soft growths that develop on the lining of your nose or sinuses
  • Nosebleeds
  • Rhinitis - inflammation of the nose and sinuses sometimes caused by allergies. The main symptom is a runny nose

Illustration of nasal anatomy

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