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Macrodactyly - Clinical Health Topics - Children's Hospital Boston

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Macrodactyly - Clinical Health Topics - Children's Hospital Boston

Macrodactyly is an uncommon condition in which a baby’s toes or fingers are abnormally large due to the overgrowth of the underlying bone and soft tissue. The condition is congenital, meaning babies are born with it.
  • Macrodactyly happens more often to hands than feet.
  • Most of the time, only one hand or one foot is affected, but usually more than one digit on that hand or foot is involved.
  • Macrodactyly may coexist with syndactyly, a condition in which two fingers or toes are fused together.
  • Although it is a benign condition, macrodactyly is deforming and can look cosmetically displeasing to you and your child.
Surgery, usually involving multiple procedures, can help the problem.
Children’s Hospital Boston’s approach
Combining training in adult and pediatric orthopedics, hand surgery, plastic surgery and microsurgery allows our surgeons to provide a comprehensive level of care unmatched in most other hospital settings.

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