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UPDATE -- AHRQ Research Activities Online Newsletter ► Welcome | OptimalSort by Optimal Workshop

Welcome | OptimalSort by Optimal Workshop

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AHRQ is working to improve and redesign its website. User feedback is a key element driving enhancements to AHRQ.gov and we are looking to you for help. One of our first tasks is to improve the organization of site information. This will set the foundation for many additional changes. You can help us by participating in a “card sort” exercise to help us better understand how information should be categorized and organized on AHRQ.gov. The card sort is very intuitive and should take only 15 or 20 minutes; no web design expertise is needed. Please consider helping us out by choosing the most appropriate link from the two below. The card sort will be available for the next two weeks and will close on April 6, 2012.
Clinicians and Medical Researchers card sort.
General Public card sort.

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