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CDC - Tracking Success Stories - CDC 24/7 - Saving Lives - New York City

CDC 24/7 - Saving Lives - New York City's Success

Guiding policy on pesticide use

Aerosol pesticide spray

What is the problem?

Every year the media reports on fires and explosions triggered by indoor pesticide foggers, also known as "bug bombs." Yet little information is available about the type and number of bug bomb-related injuries and health effects.

What did Tracking do?

The NYC Tracking Program studied short-term bug bomb related health effects and injuries. After reviewing available national and local data, the NYC tracking program and partners published the results. The report included many kinds of bug bomb injuries and illnesses: severe irritation of the eyes and throat, nausea, and shortness of breath. In NYC, people using bug bombs in large, multi-unit apartment buildings without telling their neighbors caused many of these events.
NYC Tracking Program studies showed that people living in low-income neighborhoods are more likely to use bug bombs and sprays rather than safer choices like bait stations or gels.

Improved public health

This information led the Health Department, in conjunction with the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, to pursue restricting bug bombs to the public. In New York, these devices would only be available for purchase and use by licensed pest control professionals. NYC has also encouraged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to restrict nationwide the use of total-release foggers.
CDC - Tracking Success Stories - CDC 24/7 - Saving Lives - New York City
NYC Environmental Public Health Tracking Program

The tracking program is a part of the national Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (see Link on right). The National Network is an effort led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention* to share data and analyze trends in environmental public health across the nation. The Health Department is collaborating with the Mayor’s Office of Longterm Planning and Sustainability to expand its environmental public health tracking program to include indicators of environmental sustainability.

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