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Genomic Characterization of Nipah Virus | CDC EID

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Volume 17, Number 5–May 2011
Genomic Characterization of Nipah Virus, West Bengal, India
Vidya A. Arankalle, Bhaswati T. Bandyopadhyay, Ashwini Y. Ramdasi, Ramesh Jadi, Dilip R. Patil, Mehebubar Rahman, Monalisa Majumdar, Parthasarthi S. Banerjee, Amiyakumar K. Hati, Ramaprasad P. Goswami, Dhruba Kumar Neogi, and Akhilesh C. Mishra

Author affiliations: National Institute of Virology, Pune, India (V.A. Arankalle, A.Y. Ramdasi, R. Jadi, D.R. Patil, A.C. Mishra); Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata, India (B.T. Bandyopadhyay, M. Rahman, M. Majumdar, P.S. Banerjee, R.P. Goswami, D.K. Neogi); and Gautam Laboratories, Kolkata (A.K. Hati)

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An intrafamilial outbreak in West Bengal, India, involving 5 deaths and person-to-person transmission was attributed to Nipah virus. Full-genome sequence of Nipah virus (18,252 nt) amplified from lung tissue showed 99.2% nt and 99.8% aa identity with the Bangladesh-2004 isolate, suggesting a common source of the virus

Nipah virus (NiV) causes encephalitis or respiratory signs and symptoms in humans, with high death rates (1–4). NiV outbreaks have been reported from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore, and India (1,5–13). Cases in humans have been attributed to zoonotic transmission from pigs and bats (1,14). We describe a full genome sequence of NiV from an outbreak in India.

Genomic Characterization of Nipah Virus | CDC EID

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Arankalle VA, Bandyopadhyay BT, Ramdasi AY, Jadi R, Patil DR, Rahman M, et al. Genomic characterization of Nipah virus, West Bengal, India. Emerg Infect Dis [serial on the Internet]. 2011 May [date cited].


DOI: 10.3201/eid1705.100968

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: email: varankalle@yahoo.com

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