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Cold and Flu - Harvard Health

Cold and Flu - Harvard Health

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27 surprising secrets, smart strategies, and simple steps to supercharge your cold and flu defenses!

Here’s how to have more security and less worry this cold and flu season.

Cold and Flu
In Cold and Flu you’ll find...
the number one way that cold and flu germs are spread
how to keep your immune system strong
two new flu vaccines designed for people over 65
if it’s not a cold or flu, what else could it be?
non-medical ways to treat colds and the flu
one of the best ways to avoid getting sick—in just 6 steps!
Your co-worker coughs. Your spouse sniffles. And you think, here we go again! I’m going to catch it. I’m next.
Not so! This Harvard Medical School Guide shares practical and effective ways to prevent colds and flu this year. You’ll discover steps that can greatly lower your risk and advances that can dramatically ease aches and misery.
This season, leave the red nose to Rudolph!
Would you like colds and flu to skip your house for a change? This downloadable guide will show you how to pull up the welcome mat.
You’ll discover both common sense tips and surprising steps to avoid getting or spreading cold germs. You’ll learn about breakthroughs in flu prevention. And you’ll find practical and proven strategies for keeping your immune system at its cold-and-flu-fighting best.
O.K., so what’s “bugging” you?
A cold and the flu are both caused by viruses. These viruses propel germs into the air or onto surfaces. The guide will alert you to both obvious and overlooked points of contact. (Be careful with that remote!) You’ll learn when others are most contagious. (It’s sooner than you think.) And you’ll find out why colds occur so much more often in winter. (It’s not just the temperature.)
You’ll learn the preventive measures that make a difference.
There are easy ways to make it hard on germs. You’ll learn how to avoid a common hand washing mistake many people make. You’ll read whether hand sanitizers are any better than soap. You’ll be briefed on ways to help children reduce their chances of catching a cold. You’ll find heartening news about two new choices in flu vaccines…and how Tamiflu, Relenza, and Rapivab compare for flu prevention.
You’ll discover treatments that will have you breathing easier.
You can’t cure a cold, but you can relieve the symptoms. In this guide, you’ll discover today’s most effective and safest cold and flu remedies. You’ll get the surprising facts about vitamin C. You’ll read about a lozenge supplement that’s been shown to reduce the duration of a cold…and much more!
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To your good health,
Howard E. LeWine, M.D.
Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

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