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Ivanhoe's First to Know for 2/20/2017


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Smart Living for this week:

Clearing Space On Your iPhone

Grandparents Get Geeky

Paid Maternity Leave Still Rare In U.S.

Preventable Household Dangers

Doctor's In-depth Interview of the week
Stem Cells Treat Baldness with PRP - In-Depth Doctor Interview

Quote of the week:

“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.” 

— Abraham Lincoln

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Every year, surgeons open the arteries of nearly one million Americans. For about ten percent of those patients, the arteries will re-narrow. In some cases, doctors are using a common cancer treatment to keep those arteries clear

Most of us have heard of Botox to smooth away wrinkles, but the effects are temporary. Now, a new treatment using heat promises to get rid of those frown lines permanently.

Getting treatment quickly to those having a heart attack is the key to a better outcome. Now, there’s a novel way to cut the time it takes to get heart attack patients life-saving care

A new study shows exercise and nutrition can affect proteins in the blood that can promote cancer

Research shows that hormone imbalance can have a huge impact on back-and-forth weight gain. Wellness experts are now seeing how balancing hormones can help with weight loss

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