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CDC - Inside Knowledge Campaign Symptoms Diaries

CDC - Inside Knowledge Campaign Symptoms Diaries

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Image of gynecologic cancers symptoms diary.

Inside Knowledge Symptoms Diaries

These symptoms diaries show a symptoms chart for the five main gynecologic cancers. Women can use this diary to track whatever symptoms they notice over a two-week timespan. You can download and print the symptoms diaries or order printed copies from the Print Publication Ordering System. See Usage Guidelines.
Gynecologic Cancer Symptoms Diary

Gynecologic Cancer Symptoms Diary Wallet Card

Usage Guidelines

Content developed by CDC’s Inside Knowledge campaign and presented on CDC’s Web site is available for public use exactly as it is found online, without being changed in any way. If you have questions about whether or how you may use these campaign resources, or if you would like to request Inside Knowledge print ads or print disks, please call 1 (800) CDC-INFO or contact CDC-INFO.

Fact sheets, brochures, posters, symptoms diaries, buttons, badges, and PSAs

Inside Knowledge fact sheets, brochures, posters, symptoms diaries, buttons and badges, and public service announcements (PSAs) may not be changed in any way. Adding or removing logos or information to highlight the services provided by an individual, company, or organization would imply endorsement by the Department of Health and Human Services, which is against federal policy.

Images and illustrations

Many Inside Knowledge images and illustrations are copyright protected, and depending on contractual agreements, may not be available for use by non-CDC entities.

Campaign logos

Inside Knowledge is a CDC campaign. Its logo may not be used on materials other than those created and produced by CDC. The campaign logo is not available to third-party organizations for use on independently created materials.

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