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A Guide to Men's Health Fifty and Forward - Harvard Health

A Guide to Men's Health Fifty and Forward - Harvard Health

Harvard Health Publications

Earn the lasting dividends of good health!

Find out how men — at age 50, 60, 70, 80 — are defying age-related illnesses,
staying stronger, and living longer!

As a man, you know that by age 50, you should be doing some “retirement planning.” And we don't just mean protecting your finances. There's something more important: protecting your health.
Good health is essential to be able to do all you want to do in the years and decades ahead. Declining health can dim and darken a man’s future. But you can keep yours bright!
41 things you can do to feel younger, stay healthy, and add years to your life
Doctors now know that factors you can control can affect your health just as much as — and sometimes more than — the factors you can’t control. You can cut your risk of serious illness. You can have greater physical, mental, and sexual energy. And you can enjoy years of active living.
The good news is that you don’t have to train for a marathon or eat an exotic macrobiotic diet to achieve those goals. Whether you want to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke or boost your stamina and staying power, this Special Health Report will show you the simple steps and strategies that can make a lasting difference.
Prepared by Harvard Medical School doctors, Men’s Health: Fifty and Forward offers straightforward guidance that puts you ahead of the curve. You’ll discover a small mealtime change that can help lower your chances of colon cancer by up to 30%, an exercise routine that can help cut the risk of dementia in half, and four steps that can reduce your risk of prostate cancer — and increase your survival odds.
You'll also learn six ways to reduce your risk of heart disease, four ways to lower your blood pressure without drugs, two ways to screen for colorectal cancer without a colonoscopy, and one often overlooked way to protect yourself against Alzheimer’s disease.
Plus, Men’s Health: Fifty and Forward will help you avoid those ailments that affect your quality of life. You’ll read about the one lifestyle change that can lead to better erections. You’ll get tips for preventing arthritis pain. And you’ll discover the best exercises to keep you strong and limber.
Like all planning, the sooner you start, the better. Invest in your health. Send for your copy of Men’s Health: Fifty and Forward today.
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To your good health,
Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications
Men's Health: Fifty and Forward
The Men's Health: Fifty and Forward Special Health Report includes:
Ways to reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, and dementia
The latest treatments for prostate diseases
10 steps to a longer, healthier life
How to eat better and exercise more
Tips for managing health conditions unique to men
And so much more!
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