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Million Hearts e-Update: January/February 2016

Million Hearts: Help prevent 1 million heart attacks and stokes by 2017. E-update.
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I am delighted to report that we are making major progress toward preventing 1 million heart attacks and strokes. Compared to 2011, nearly 4 million fewer people smoked tobacco in 2014. A new agreement is in place to provide 2 billion healthier meals per year in schools, sports venues, and businesses. Through efforts using health information technology tools, more than half a million people have been identified as having elevated blood pressures but no formal diagnosis of hypertension. We are making great strikes toward our goal, but our work is far from complete. You can accelerate this progress by helping to identify and treat individuals with undiagnosed hypertension; assisting the millions who want to stop smoking in their process to quit; and encouraging consumers to choose lower sodium alternatives. Among the specific actions you can take are promoting the Tips From Former Smokers messages, supporting the 2015–2020Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and seeking out patients with undiagnosed hypertension and connecting them with tools to control their numbers. We look forward to working together to make 2016 a great year for heart health—and to achieving the Million Hearts® goal.
—Janet Wright, MD, FACC
Executive Director, Million Hearts®

Do This!
Adopt one healthy behavior during American Heart Month
How can we get a jump start on our 2016 goals? Participate in the heart health challenge and share your success on theMillion Hearts® Facebook page.American Heart Month in February is the perfect time for all of us to adopt one new heart-healthy behavior and make a lasting impact.

Tools You Can Use

  • Coming soon: Get ready for NEW materials to help find individuals with undiagnosed hypertension—Millions of Americans have elevated blood pressure but are not yet diagnosed, remaining at risk for cardiovascular disease. Within the system but below the radar, these individuals are “hiding in plain sight.” To help identify those at risk, a collection of new clinician resources will soon be available, including an interactive Hypertension Prevalence Estimator Tool and a short whiteboard animation that explains the concept and key steps to take. Check back on the Million Hearts®website soon for the launch and check out the National Association of Community Health Centers’ Undiagnosed Hypertension Change Package for some background in the meantime.

Million Hearts® in the Community

Let us know what you’re doing to advance Million Hearts® in your community! Send us a short description with some key points, and we may feature you in a future e-Update!

The Science of Million Hearts®

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