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Eat and feel healthier by March 20th

Harvard Health Publications

Harvard Health Publications

You’re just 6 weeks from a
healthier new YOU!

You know you should “eat better.” You know how to do it: Cut down on sugar and salt. Avoid saturated fats. Eat more lean protein like fish and chicken. It sounds easy enough, but slick ads and confusing labels can make you think you’re eating more healthfully than you really are.
To help you turn good intentions into effective actions, Harvard experts created the 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating. This step-by-step program shows you how to make small changes each day for lasting results you can see and feel in just 6 weeks.
Discover how to transform your diet in just 6 weeks. For example, you’ll learn:
  • How to get the fiber and nutrients you need from the foods you eat
  • A simple way to lose twice as much weight as other people
  • How to set the most motivating goals for healthier eating
  • 5 ways to slip more fruits and veggies into your meals
  • How to tell if you’re really hungry or just eating because you’re stressed or tired
  • The zero-calorie alternative to snacking
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You’ll find quick tricks for understanding nutrition labels, how to tell if a food is really a good source of fiber, how much sodium is too much, and the easy way to understand “percent daily values.”
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Kathy McManus
Nutrition Editor, Harvard Health Publications
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6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating
This easy-to-follow 6-week plan gives you all the tools you need to succeed, including:
Week-by-week meal makeovers
Food and exercise diaries
Tips for setting (and sticking to) healthy goals
Smart snack ideas
Weight loss secrets
62 delicious meal ideas and recipes
And more!
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