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USAID Announces Award of HRH2030 to Chemonics International

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USAID Announces Award of HRH2030

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is pleased to announce the award of its new flagship Human Resources for Health (HRH) project, HRH2030, to Chemonics International. This 5-year cooperative agreement is based out of the Global Health Bureau’s Office of Health Systems. USAID recognizes HRH as a critical component of Health Systems Strengthening (HSS), central to moving countries toward universal health coverage, supporting local economies, and improving health outcomes. 

Continued attention to the health workforce is essential, as indicated in the proposedSustainable Development Goals. Moving forward, the Agency is well-positioned to support the implementation of the Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030, by leveraging its cross-sectoral focus in education and economic growth for HRH.

HRH2030 supports countries in developing the sufficient, fit-for-purpose and fit-to-practice health workforce needed to end preventable child and maternal deaths, createan AIDS-free generation, protect communities from infectious diseases, support the objectives of the Global Health Security Agenda, and reach the goals of Family Planning 2020. 

HRH2030 aims to:
1.       Improve performance and productivity of the health workforce
2.       Increase the number, skill mix, and competency of the health workforce
3.       Increase sustainability of investment in HRH
4.       Strengthen HRH/HSS leadership and governance capacity

For more information on HRH2030, please contact Agreement Officer’s RepresentativeAriella Camera

Photo credit: Joseph Eton/Photoshare

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