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Ivanhoe Insider for 9/16/2015

Medical Breakthroughs: Ivanhoe Insider

Today's News Flashes
Finding Origins of Mental Illness: New Brain Map 
Sep. 15, 2015 - A highly detailed model has been released of connections in the mouse brain that could provide generations of neuroscientists new insights into brain circuits and origins of ... (More)
Potential New Approach for Liver Cell Cancer
Sep. 15, 2015 - The growth factor receptor FGFR3 increases the rate of growth and aggressiveness of hepatocellular carcinomas (liver cell cancer), new research shows. Inhibition of this receptor could be a new and ...(More)
Smokers at Higher Risk of Losing Their Teeth
Sep. 14, 2015 - Regular smokers have a significantly increased risk of tooth loss, a new study has confirmed. Male smokers are up to 3.6 times more likely to lose their teeth than non-smokers, whereas female smokers ...(More)
Mediterranean Diet Plus Olive Oil Associated With Reduced Breast Cancer Risk
Sep. 14, 2015 - Eating a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil was associated with a relatively lower risk of breast cancer in a study of women ... (More)
Eye Disease in People With Diabetes
Sep. 10, 2015 - A follow-up study has shown that these peripheral lesions, which are not detected by traditional eye imaging, correlate very ... (More)

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