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Five Resources to Improve Food Safety

CDC and Food Safety

Five Resources to Improve Food Safety

September is National Food Safety Education Month. Share these five resources to improve food safety at home, in restaurants, and in the community year-round. 

Screen shot of CDC's food safety home page

Redesigned Food Safety Site
Get the facts on food safety, foodborne germs and illnesses, and foodborne disease outbreaks at CDC'sredesigned food safety website. Sections for consumers, healthcare providers, health departments, and industry provide quick access to tailored resources.

Food Safety Tools in the Kitchen

Illustration showing toolbelt with kitchen utensils

A new CDC feature for consumers focuses on usingfood safety tools properly to help prevent food poisoning. Download a copy of the new infographic,Gear Up for Food Safety!, and take the feature’s quiz to test your food safety savvy!
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Improving Community Food Safety

Logo for Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence

Learn how the six state health departments and their academic partners that comprise the Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence are providing in-person and online resources, training, and assistance in tracking foodborne illness and investigating outbreaks. This assistance is designed to strengthen foodborne illness surveillance and improve food safety in your community.

Virtual training exercise of simulated interview with food worker.

Resources for Environmental Health Practitioners
Explore CDC tools and guidance, training, and research for environmental health practitioners.
Practice skills in an interactive virtual environment and learn to conduct environmental assessments as part of outbreak investigations. Watch our video to learn more about the training. (Photo: Virtual training exercise of simulated interview with food worker.)

2015 myth busters for food safety in the kitchen

Home Food Safety Myths and Facts
The Partnership for Food Safety Education has created materials for consumers and educators on why it’s important to keep refrigerators cold and clean. Theirmythbusters fact sheets debunk some common myths on handling food safely.   
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