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Celebrating World Contraception Day 2015: Increasing access to Family Planning Around the World

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More than 225 million women worldwide want to avoid pregnancy, but are not using a modern method of contraception. On September 26, USAID joins the international community in celebrating World Contraception Day (WCD), a global campaign to draw attention to the vast unmet need for contraceptive information and services. Increasing access to a wide-range of family planning methods enables individuals and couples to determine whether, when, and how often to have children, which has profound health, economic, and social benefits for families and communities.

As a means to improve health and quality of life, USAID advances and supports voluntary family planning and reproductive health programs in nearly 40 countries across the globe. These programs are designed to protect individuals’ rights to affordable and quality family planning commodities. USAID has been involved in the development of nearly every contraceptive method on the market today and the Agency delivered $85.6 million worth of contraceptives to developing countries during the 2014 fiscal year. As the largest bilateral donor of family planning assistance in the world, USAID continues to support safe, effective, and acceptable contraceptive technologies designed for the provision and use in low-resource settings.

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