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Social Media for CDC Emergency|CDC

Social Media for CDC Emergency|CDC

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Social Media

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Get useful preparedness tips and the latest updates on events. CDC uses Twitter to reach individuals and partners with timely health and safety information.
The official feed of CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response – your source for the latest information on emergencies, preparedness tips, and real-time updates and health alerts for the public during an emergency.

PHPR on Linkedin

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Join members with diverse backgrounds ranging from first responders to government administrators who are interested in public health. Participate in discussions that offer influential connections and networking opportunities, making LinkedIn a great resource and avenue for collaboration.

CDC Emergency on Facebook

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Did you know there is a CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response page on Facebook? This page will keep you informed about how to be prepared for public health emergencies and disasters and provide information needed to protect and save lives during an event. Become a fan today! "Like" our Facebook page to receive updates, participate in future conversations, and more.

Public Health Matters Blog

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CDC’s Public Health Matters Blog—named “Top Government Blog” (from the Science of Health)—gives readers a snapshot from the field as disease detectives investigate, prepare for, and respond to public health events. Subscribing to our blog is a great way to connect and learn about disaster preparedness.

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