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Partner resources | womenshealth.gov

Partner resources | womenshealth.gov

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Partner Resources

Use these materials to spread the word about Supporting Nursing Moms at Work: Employer Solutions.

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Don't forget to use and follow the hashtag #pumpingatwork.
  • The ACA requires time and private space for nursing moms. How employers can make it work for them:http://go.usa.gov/5T7H #pumpingatwork
  • Nursing moms going back to work: have you talked to your employer about this law? http://go.usa.gov/5Tfm#pumpingatwork
  • ACA requires time and space for moms at work, helping them give their best to their work and baby.http://go.usa.gov/5TGe #pumpingatwork
  • Research shows that nursing moms who get support for #pumpingatwork miss fewer days and are more productive. http://go.usa.gov/5YGm
  • Nursing moms! Does your job allow you time during the work day & private space to pump?http://go.usa.gov/XQUz #pumpingatwork
  • If you're a nursing mom, @womenshealth has ideas for making #pumpingatwork successful!http://go.usa.gov/XQEA
Sign on bathroom door. With quote - Do you have a place to pump at work?
Medal on a ribbon. Breastfeeding, a winning goal for life!
Mothers are the fastest-growing group in the U.S. labor force.

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