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Liver Cancer: Recent Insights from Genomics


Liver Cancer: Recent Insights from Genomics

a liver
Nature Outlook Special Supplement (December, 2014):External Web Site IconLiver cancer is one of the most lethal forms of the disease. If researchers can understand why some people with unhealthy livers develop cancer but others do not, they may be able to treat and prevent the disease more effectively 
A preventable cancerExternal Web Site Icon
Lucas Laursen. Nature 516, S2-S3 (04 December 2014)
Microbiome: The bacterial tightropeExternal Web Site Icon
Katherine Bourzac. Nature 516, S14-S16 (04 December 2014)
Sex differences: Luck of the chromosomesExternal Web Site Icon
Courtney Humphries. Nature 516, S10-S11 (04 December 2014)
Exploration of liver cancer genomesExternal Web Site Icon
Tatsuhiro Shibata et al. Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology 11, 340–349 (28 January 2014)
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