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SAMHSA Headlines: Over $1M in New Grant Opportunities

SAMHSA Headlines: Over $1M in New Grant Opportunities

SAMHSA Headlines

The purpose of this program is to improve mental health service delivery to people with serious mental illnesses. The program seeks to enhance statewide mental health consumer-run and -controlled organizations to promote service system capacity and infrastructure development that is consumer-driven, recovery-focused and resiliency-oriented.
The program builds on the work of SAMHSA's Center for Mental Health Services which helped to establish a focus on children and families in programs serving children and adolescents with mental health challenges around the country. Further support will ensure self-sufficient, empowered networks that will effectively participate in state and local mental health services planning and health care reform activities.
New SAMHSA report shows only approximately 1 in 4 (24.2 percent) of the nation’s 9,048 mental health treatment facilities that responded to the survey question about smoking cessation programs actually offered services to quit smoking.
States, tribes, and municipalities can apply to become a Performance Partnership Pilot until March 4, 2015. These pilot communities will test innovative, cost-effective, and outcome-focused strategies for improving results for disconnected youth.

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