lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Monday News Round-Up: New Program Prepares Enlisted Troops for Medical School; Damage control: providing essential medical support to troops in West Africa; Aeromedical research lab works to make MedEvac missions safer; and Enjoying the ordinary this holiday season


A new program provides an in-resident opportunity for uniquely qualified enlisted members to complete preparatory coursework for medical school application while maintaining their active-duty status.
Medical emergencies: something no one likes to think about but that everyone needs to prepare for. Troops deployed in West Africa are often in remote areas of operation, and accidents, injuries, and illness are always a possibility. Fortunately, the Army can address critical health concerns in theatre.
Medical evacuation operations are very complex and dangerous for evacuation helicopters, One complication of MedEvac hoist operations is the uncontrolled spinning of the stretcher at the end of the hoist cable. This spinning can cause harm to the medic and patient.
Scientists and engineers with the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, or USAARL, Enroute Care and Airworthiness Division and Flight Systems Branch here, recently tested an anti-rotational device that, when used on a hoist cable, is intended to reduce the spinning of a load when lifted from the ground to the helicopter.
Many of us have the habit of focusing on the negatives in life and expecting the worst outcome. Try to appreciate the little things in your day that you may take for granted.

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